Miracle-Gro Moisture Control 225g


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Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Pots & Baskets Gel contains water storing crystals that absorb and release water when your plants need it most, reducing the need for watering.

Ideal for all plants indoors and outside. Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Water Storing Gel is perfect during the warmer months and it’s easy to use, simply mix with compost when potting up. It’s ideal for pots, tubs and hanging baskets, window boxes and can also be used in flower beds.

It absorbs and holds up to 150 times of its own weight in excess water, saving time and reducing watering frequency throughout the season.


• Reduces watering
• Releases water as plants need it
• Increases water-holding capacity of composts
• Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants
• Perfect for pots and containers, hanging baskets, beds and borders
• Saves time and reduces watering frequency throughout the season
• Treats up to 45 pots

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