Zero In Fly Max The Buzz Fly Catcher 2's (STV336)

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Zero In Fly Max The Buzz Fly Catcher 2's (STV336)

Super effective attractant developed by professionals. Lasts 2-3 weeks. Attracts flies from up to 10m radius and traps them to prevent them from infesting homes. Kills most common nuisance flies. Re-usable with Zero In® Fly Max Fly Bait.

Flies get in and cant get out! Outdoor use - attracts flies up to 10m radius. Pack includes 2 reusable Fly Catcher bottles and super-effective fly attractant. Non-toxic food grade ingredients.


  • Safe for use near dogs, cats and children.
  • Cannot be heard by humans.
  • 24 hour protection.
  • Suitable for outdoor use only.
  • Size H23.5, W15, D7.8cm.

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