Yorkshire Tea Decaf Envelopes 200's

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Yorkshire Tea Decaf Envelopes 200's

Say farewell to disappointing decafs! We've crafted a special blend of teas which don't lose their character when they lose their caffeine, for a decaf brew that's still packed full of flavour.

Oh, and like all our products, it's completely CarbonNeutral.

We work hard to make a brew you'll be proud of and because of you, we've been able to do lots of good stuff around the world - like planting millions of trees, investing in our tea growing communities and supporting grassroots cricket.

Our box is recyclable.
We want our environmental impact to be positive and part of this is making our packaging as recyclable, reusable and compostable as possible.

  • Decaffeinated black tea
  • Outstanding Tea Since 1886
  • Let's have a proper brew
  • A proper decaf
  • 100% Carbon Neutral

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