Pedigree Rodeo Dog Treats with Chicken 12 x 7 Sticks {Full Case}

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Pedigree Rodeo Dog Treats with Chicken 12 x 7 Sticks {Full Case}

Pedigree dog food feeds the goodness that dogs brings to our lives with a complete range of tasty and healthy dog food and dog treats that delivers everything that is essential to support, protect and spark all dogs' exuberant love of life. Pedigree dog food and treats are carefully developed with nutritionists and veterinarians to ensure they have everything dogs need to thrive.

Pedigree Rodeo Dog Treats with Chicken are chewy dog treats full of delicious flavours which your dog will adore. Contains less than 5% fat / 100g and are full of goodness such as omega 3 to help keep them fit for life, vitamin E to help support natural defences, with minerals including calcium to help keep bones strong.

Suitable for adult dogs from 12 months old.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 21 x 10.5 x 2cm

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