Monin Premium Green Mint Coffee Syrup 1 Litre

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MONIN Premium Green Mint Syrup 1L for Cocktails and Mocktails. Vegan-Friendly, Allergen-Free, 100 Percent Natural Flavours

This syrup provides a quick and easy way to add exciting new flavor to a variety of your handcrafted lattes, smoothies, mocktails, and cocktails. It features a deep emerald color and cool, peppermint flavor and aroma that will enhance the flavor profile of your mixed or blended drinks without overpowering them or being too sweet. Made with pure cane sugar and no artificial ingredients, this naturally-flavored syrup delivers a balanced blend of flavor that will instantly upgrade your beverages. Packaged in a shatterproof bottle, this flavoring syrup boasts a sleek appearance for an attractive shelf presence and can easily be paired with a compatible pump for quick, efficient service during peak serving hours.

1 Litre Plastic Bottle

Suggested Recipe: Lucky Shamrock Freeze

Treat your guests to a delicious beverage perfect for Saint Patrick's day celebrations with this delightful lucky shamrock freeze!

0.5 oz. Monin white chocolate sauce
1 oz. Monin mint syrup
3 oz. of milk

Fill a serving glass half full of ice. In a blender, pour in the ice from the serving glass and the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour back into the serving glass. Garnish and serve.


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