Miracle Gro Evergreen Autumn & Spring Lawn Food 100m2

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Miracle Gro Evergreen Autumn & Spring Lawn Food 100m2

The rigours of winter or a harsh summer can potentially have a detrimental effect on your lawn. The correct balance of nutrients fed to the lawn contributes to the overall health and appearance but also makes it better equipped to withstand the extremes of cold. Evergreen premium Plus autumn & spring lawn food contains continuous release components that steadily feed your lawn with the correct range of nutrients your lawn requires. It is important to stimulate root growth for winter protection. The lawn will stay greener and thicker for autumn and the fertiliser ensures an early spring greening. This product is devised with a clever formulation of gradual, continuous release of nutrients that feeds your lawn for 3 months.

  • September to November - apply to restore your lawn after harsh summer and prepare it for the stresses of winter
  • March to May - apply after the distress winter imposes on your lawn, spring becomes a key season in caring for it
  • Fast greening in 7 days and no Scorch formula
  • Wait at least 6 weeks after seeding or turfing new lawn areas before use; Do not re-seed or turf for at least 6 weeks after application; Re-apply in 3 months if needed. Do not over apply
  • Wash hands after use or before eating and drinking
  • Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas when applied according to the label instructions

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