Evo-Stick Multi-Purpose Impact Adhesive Spray 500ml


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EVO-STIK Impact Instant Contact Adhesive Spray, Multipurpose, High-Strength Adhesive, Bonds Instantly on Contact, Fast Drying, 500ml

One surface coat: 2.8msq per 500ml Tin

Two surface coat: 1.4msq per 500ml Tin

Evostik Impact Adhesive Tin Spray 500ml is a multi-purpose adhesive that will bond instantly on contact, no need for clamping or support whilst the adhesive sets. It is high strength and can bond most types of materials, even non-porous surfaces such as metal to metal, which makes it ideal for DIY tasks and household repairs.

Evostik Impact Adhesive Tin Spray 500ml is perfect for bonding wood, MDF, laminate, metal, PVC, cork, leather, rubber, glass, mirror, stone and ceramics. It has a low odour, is suitable for exterior use if protected from water. Evostik Impact Adhesive is not suitable for use on polystyrene, cellulose paint, vinyl, polythene, polypropylene and rayon fabrics.

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