Douwe Egberts Espresso Extra Dark Roast 1kg Beans

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Douwe Egberts Extra Dark Roast Coffee Beans 1kg 

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  • Since 1753 Douwe Egberts has been dedicated to the craftsmanship of coffee. The Douwe Egberts seal is your assurance of our constant quality & high standards. Our coffee experts select the beans from the best plantations from all over the world based on taste characteristics and appearance.
  • Extra Dark Espresso consists of washed Arabica and high quality Robusta coffee beans. The long, dark roasting process and blend composition give the coffee a strong, powerful and intense taste, with a somewhat sweet, spicy aftertaste. It is perfect for Ristretto and Espresso and provides and ideal base for speciality drinks such as Cappuccino or Macchiato.
  • To make an excellent cup of espresso coffee, we recommend:- Store the coffee in the bag and, once opened, in a hermetically closed container - Grind the coffee just when you need it - The recommended dosing is 7-9 grams - Always serve the coffee freshly made in appropriate and pre-warmed cups
  • Our beans are expertly blended and roasted to bring you a strong and intense experience with a powerful finish. Flavour: SMOOTH & POWERFUL
  • This coffee was grown by UTZ certified farmers. Store in a cool and dry place. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

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