Core Professional Cling Film/ Aluminium Foil/ Baking Parchment Cutterboxes

Core Box: Aluminium Foil
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Core Professional Cling Film,Baking Parchment, & Catering Foil Range 

Core Professional Cling Film Cutterboxes 450mmx300m

450mm x 300m (approx) for professional catering use.

Multipurpose, general food use cling film.

Improved dispensing pack.

Produced in the UK.


Core Professional Aluminium Catering Foil Cutterboxes 450mmx90mx10mu

Core Professional Aluminium Catering Foil Cutterboxes 450mmx90mx10mu Cooking

A wide, long foil suitable for all catering, storing and baking requirements. Excellent quality and with an improved dispensing pack.

Core 100% biodegradable and compostable Baking Parchment Cutterbox 450mmx50m

Core Baking Parchment Cutterboxes 450mmx50m Kitchen Cooking Baking Preservation

As with the other products in this range this wide Baking Parchment offers you grease free baking with excellent non-stick properties. A great alternative to regular baking paper.

CORE parchment is  WHITE silicon parchment 100% biodegradable and compostable to be certified compostable under EN13432 EU LEGISLATION  -  it needs to breakdown within a 12 week period. Which ours is and does!


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