Taylors Assorted Speciality Teabags 48's Gift Box

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Taylors Assorted Speciality Teabags 48's Gift Box

English Breakfast Tea
Rich & bright black tea
English Breakfast Tea is a true classic. It's a full-flavoured and deeply satisfying blend which we make with bright African and malty Assam teas, picked during the prime second flush harvest. Enjoy at breakfast and throughout the day.

Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea
Bright & refreshing black tea
We source seriously flavour-packed teas from the Rift Valley in south-western Kenya, then gently decaffeinate the blend using a natural process. It keeps the character bright and refreshing - perfect for breakfast and throughout the day.

Assam Tea
Strong & malty black tea
Assam in north-eastern India grows exceptional tea in the lush soil of the Brahmaputra valley - and we pick ours at the peak of the season from some of the region's finest estates during the second flush harvest. It's rich, strong and full-bodied with malty ones.

Earl Grey Tea
Light & fragrant black tea
The elegant fragrance of the bergamot fruit gives Earl Grey its famous flavour. Ours balances this beautiful citrus with light and delicate teas from Africa and high-altitude teas from India.

Lemon & Orange Tea
Zesty & vibrant black tea
Tea and citrus fruits go together famously well. So we've created a delicate blend using light teas from Africa, and high-altitude teas from India - paired with the vibrant, zesty flavours of lemon and orange.

Green Tea with Jasmine
Fresh & floral green tea
This distinctive green tea hails from China, the birthplace of jasmine teas. Fine-grade jasmine flowers are sprinkled onto delicate green tea leaves in late spring - a traditional method which infuses them with lusciously sweet floral notes.

Organic Peppermint†
Fresh & vibrant caffeine-free infusion
The clean, fresh taste of peppermint is traditionally used to help digestion and clear your head. We only use the finest peppermint leaves, dried quickly after picking to preserve their flavour - and they make a deliciously vibrant infusion.

Organic Chamomile†
Gentle & soothing caffeine-free infusion
The clean, soothing, slightly honeyed chamomile is traditionally used to help you relax. We buy the finest chamomile flowers available for a deeply comforting infusion with a beautiful flavour.
† Certified Organic by Soil Association Certification.
Individual wrapped and tagged tea bags, Rainforest Alliance Certified tea

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