Yellow Colour Coded Mop Bucket With Wringer 17 Litre


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Ramon Hygiene Yellow 'Rapid' 17 Litre Kentucky Mop Dual-Bucket and Wringer System with Wheels | Strong and Durable for Commercial Use.

  • Dual-Bucket System: This mop bucket boasts a colour-coded double bucket design, allowing you to effortlessly segregate clean and dirty water. Your cleaning process remains hygienic and effective, maintaining top-notch standards.
  • Removable Wringer: Experience the convenience of a removable wringer. Easily remove excess water from your mop, making your mopping routine more efficient. Say goodbye to the struggle of wringing out your mop manually.
  • Enhanced Safety: Safety matters. The bucket features prominent 'Caution Wet Floor' signage on both sides, ensuring that everyone stays cautious in wet areas. Prevent accidents and ensure a secure environment.
  • Colour-Coded Efficiency: Available in four hygiene-conscious colours, this bucket supports colour-coding practices. Assign specific colours for various areas to prevent cross-contamination. Maintain consistency in cleanliness.
  • Quick Mobility: With four castor wheels, this mop bucket is designed for quick and easy manoeuvrability. Efficiently handle spills and mop-ups without any hassle, making your cleaning routine smoother than ever

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