Empathy Basket Starter Grower 12 Biscuits.


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Empathy Basket Starter Grower 12 Biscuits.

Basket Starter 12 biscuits contain 5 active components for better baskets and containers.

The product contains rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi.

Compost blends suited for use in hanging baskets and containers do not always contain the complex biology of garden soils that support the efficient transfer of nutrients and water to plants. By using the Basket starter biscuits whilst planting is the better way to get the best out of the basket and containers.

Coir planting biscuits packed full of rootgrow and other bioactive components plus 3 months controlled release feed for hanging baskets and summer containers

Enough for 4 x 10L baskets

Adds much needed biology to sterile compost

Pet & Child Friendly

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