Classic Semi Skimmed Granulated Milk 500g

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Classic Semi Skimmed Granulated Milk 500g

Fine Classic Granulated Skimmed Milk, available to give that perfect milk flavour to your hot drinks. Can be used in both coffee and tea, in a vending machine or stirred into your cup. This product is de-hydrated milk, add water to it to produce milk.

100% granulated skimmed milk for barista-quality Cappuccino, Macchiato and Caffe Latte. Classic Granulated Skimmed milk is less than 1% fat and contains only 25 calories per serving. Suitable for both coffee and tea, it has all of the flavour and appearance of fresh milk and is hygienic and simple to store.

304005 Classic Fine Gran Skimmed Milk 10 x 500g Case Rate

Legal denomination: Fine Skimmed Milk Powder

The product is a granulated milk powder. It is especially designed for the vending market.

Fine Skimmed milk powder.

Moisture: when packed max 4%
Bulk density: tapped (100 x) approx. 0.80 g/cm3
Total Plate Count max 10000/g
Enterobacteriaceae max 10/g
Mould max 50/g
Yeast max 50/g Salmonella absent/25g

150 ml 5-7 g
180 ml 6-8 g
200 ml 7-9 g
According to Preferential taste.

Store in the original packaging in a cool, dry warehouse and away from odorous materials. Temperature should not exceed 25°C. Humidity should not exceed 70% RH.

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