Cif Professional 2-in-1 Washroom Cleaner 750ml

750ml Trigger Spray: 1

VAT included

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Cif Professional 2-in-1 Washroom Cleaner  750ml 7517907

Cif Professional 2-in-1 Washroom Cleaner 750ml 7517907

This Cif Professional 2-in-1 Washroom Cleaner not only removes dirt and soap residue from all washroom fixtures, it also destroys limescale; a common cause of unpleasant odours in the washroom. This cleaner will leave public and priavte washrooms alike clean and smelling fresh, offering up sparkling results. This pack contains one ready to use 750ml trigger spray.

  • Cleaner for use in your bathroom
  • Removes dirt and soap residue
  • Eliminates limescale to destroy odour
  • Trigger spray application for easier use
  • 750ml

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