Cif Pro Formula 4in1 Washroom Plus 750ml

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Cif Pro Formula 4in1 Washroom Plus 750ml

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Cif 4in1 Washroom Spray

Cif Pro Formula 4 in 1 Washroom Spray 750ml

Cif Pro Formula 4in1 Washroom Spray (TASKI® Sani 4in1 Plus Spray) is a combined washroom cleaner, descaler, disinfectant and deodoriser for all acid resistant hard surfaces in washroom areas. It kills 99.99% of enveloped viruses (incl. coronaviruses) in 60 seconds and eliminates 99,999% of bacteria in 5 minutes.


- 4in1: Detergent, Disinfectant, Descaler, Deodoriser
- Effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms incl. E coli, Salmonella and flu
- Unique, patented Odour Neutralizing Technology (O.N.T.)
- Acidic formulation
- Ready to use spray
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