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Caffe Impresso 250's Mixed Pack

Caffe Impresso Pods Alternative to Nespresso (Nespresso machine friendly including Citiz, Pixie, Essenza, Lattissima and Magimix)

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Intenso (Intensity 12) Box of 10 Pods
Blending beans from their oldest origins this powerful espresso exudes the flavours of Ethiopia, México, India and Colombia with a hint of cocoa and citrus ‘bite’.

Indiao (Intensity 10) Box of 10 Pods
With intense aroma and high caffeine our dark, slow-roasted Indiano combines richness and body, characteristic of the sub-continent

Forza Roma (Intensity 10) Box of 10 Pods
Powerful. Like the empire ! Brazilian plains, African mountains, and the volcanic soils of Colombia define our strongest espresso

Milano (Intensity 9) Box of 10 Pods
Wonderfully full bodied, our 100% Arabica northern Italian espresso is tangy enough to taste through cappuccino milk

Aromatico (Intensity 7) Box of 10 Pods
From the South of Italy comes chocolaty body beautifully balanced, with aroma and a subtle bouquet

Italiano (Intensity 6) Box of 10 Pods
Heady and full of flavour, this Central Italian style blend produces caramel, earthy and floral notes

Lungo (Intensity 5) Box of 10 Pods
A Light roasted blend of Latin American and Asian coffees for a smooth lungo (long) extraction: A great Caffè Americano

Decaffeinato (Intensity 3) Box of 10 Pods
Eloquent flavours blend to create a distinctively fruity, yet delicate taste, surprising for a decaff!

Caffesso Colombian 10's (Intensity 8) Box of 10 Pods

A classic Colombian coffee well-balanced in flavour, acidity and body to ensure a well-balanced espresso.

Caffesso Vanilla 10's (Intensity 5) Box of 10 Pods

A slowly roasted blend of South American and Indian coffees with a delicious vanilla twist.

Caffesso Chocolate 10's (Intensity 5) Box of 10 Pods

A smooth creamy blend of South American and Indian coffees with delicious hints of rich dark chocolate.

Caffesso Caramel 10's (Intensity 5) Box of 10 Pods

A perfect blend of slowly roasted South American and Asian coffees with delicious hints of caramel.

Caffesso Sidamo 10's (Intensity 10) Box of 10 Pods

Single Origin blend from the best Ethiopian coffee region roasted for a well-balanced coffee with soft floral undertones and low acidity.

Pods not compatible with the Vertuo Coffee Machine


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