Cafe Direct Smooth Roast Fairtrade Coffee 6 x 100g


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Cafe Direct Smooth Roast Fairtrade Instant Coffee 6 x 100g

Smooth, with a hint of nutty caramel.
This deliciously smooth coffee brings together expertly blended Arabica and Robusta beans. Being Fairtrade means that growers always get a fair price for their coffee. And that, of course, leaves an even better taste.
"Good shade for the plants, fertile soil and a fair price from Cafédirect all go to make this coffee the best. Enjoy it!"
Mamukobe Jackson.
Coffee Grower.
Gumutindo, Uganda.
Certified to international Fairtrade standards.
Fairtrade Foundation

Small Philosophy...
At Cafédirect we do things differently. For over 20 years we've built real relationships with smallholder growers, because the big thing smallholders have is pride and passion... and that's what makes our award-winning coffee taste so good.

Big Diffference...
In return we pay growers what they deserve, instead of paying middle men. And by working together in true partnership we do more, investing over 50% of our profits in growers to create a more sustainable future.

Cafédirect. Made the small way.

Fairtrade, Strength - medium - 3, Medium roast, our original blend, Smooth, rich, full-bodied & always direct from the growers

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Coffee: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 100%.

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