Buxton Still Natural Mineral Water 500ml (24 Bottles)


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Buxton Still Mineral Water 50cl Plastic Bottles (Pack of 24) 

Buxton Still Mineral Water 50cl Plastic Bottles (24 Pack) 

Named after the town where sourced and bottled, Buxton Natural Mineral Water has been purified over hundreds of years, working its way through the limestone bedrock of the Peak District. It is this journey that lends Buxton water its refreshing taste and rejuvenating mineral content. This pack contains 24 plastic 50cl bottles.

  • 100% pure, naturally filtered mineral water
  • Sourced and bottled in the UK
  • Refreshing and rejuvenating taste
  • Packed with natural goodness
  • 50cl plastic bottle
  • Pack of 24 bottles

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