Birchall 12 Compartment White Display Box With 120 Tea

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Generate interest in your tea range with this Birchall wooden 12 compartment box, perfect for displaying different flavours of Birchalls tea!
Dimensions: W 32cm x H 11cm x D 22cm.

Comes with a random selection including (but not all)

  • Birchall Decaf  Envelopes
  • Birchall Lemongrass & Ginger  Envelopes
  • Birchall Camomile  Envelopes
  • Birchall English Breakfast  Envelopes
  • Birchall Earl Grey  Envelopes
  • Birchall Green Tea  Envelopes
  • Birchall Peppermint  Envelopes
  • Birchall Red Berry & Flower  Envelopes

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