Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Traps Twinpack (STV148)


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Ultra Power Mouse Traps from The Big Cheese are easy to set, baited and ready to use. The traps are guaranteed to effectively kill mice with an on-pack message of guarantee. For best results, place the two traps 2-3m apart where mice are active. It is recommended that gloves are worn when handling the traps to minimise the transference of human scents onto them. Heavy infestations may require more traps. The traps come pre-baited with highly palatable non-poisonous bait to attract the mice. Simply remove the red bait well cover before setting. One simple click sets the trap and it becomes ready for positioning. The same click action opens the trap for catches to be disposed of. Always locate traps in protected areas, away from children, pets and non-target animals. 

  • Twin pack of mouse traps: Two powerful, effective mouse traps are pre-baited with highly palatable bait and ready to use
  • Easy to set and dispose of catches: Just one touch is needed to set the mouse traps. Captured mice are easily disposed of with a simple click
  • Easy clean traps: The plastic is easy to clean for re-use. It is recommended that to maintain effectiveness, the bait well should be re-filled when used with The Big Cheese Mouse and Rat Attractant
  • Use indoors or outdoors: Ultra Power Mouse Traps with their durable design are suitable for use in the home or outdoors in garages, garden sheds or outbuildings
  • Tested and proven: On-pack guarantee provided

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