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Barrys. 100% Black Tea. Expertly Blended in Ireland.


  • 600 Square Bags (Joined in 2s).
  • Highest quality black teas.
  • Irish tea drinking tradition since 1901.
  • Fairy sourced through government agencies in South Africa.
  • Ideal for deli and other catering outlets.
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Time to top up your tea supplies? Barrys Gold Label Tea is
perfect for your tea break at home or at the office. Barry's Tea
has been part of irish tea drinking tradition since 1901. When
you drink Barry's Tea, you can be sure you're getting the best
cup,as it has been tea is sourced from the best tea estates in
the world and expertly blended to the exceptional quality.
Barry's Gold Label Tea comes in 1 x catering boxes of 600 one cup
tea bags.

This 600 tea bag pack is ideal
for deli and other catering outlets, hotels and office canteens.

Black Tea

Barrys Green Label Tea also known as Barry’s Original Tea Blend
is a blend of highest quality black teas and has an
uncomplicated, brisk and refreshing flavour that you can enjoy
any time of the day.

Barry's tea is sourced from the best tea estates in the world -
the Assam Valley of India, Kenya and Rwanda, guaranteeing the
well-known distinctive taste, so you get the perfect cup of tea
every single time


95% of Barry's tea is sourced directly through government
agencies in East Africa, that represent small farmers and they
help them get the best possible price for their tea. The Kenya
Tea Development Authority (KTDA) has been incredibly successful
at promoting the Kenyan tea industry. This ensures the
development of the local economies, because Barry’s adopts the
policy of paying prices which are above average for the benefit
of the tea growers community.

About Barrys Tea
Barry's Tea is an Irish tea company founded in 1901. Today
Barry’s Tea accounts for 40% of all tea sales in Ireland and
dominates the premium sector of the tea market, with Gold Blend
as the sector market leader.


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