Avery Mini Labels Removable Laser 80 per Sheet 35.6x16.9mm White Ref L4732REV-25 [2000 Labels]


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Avery Mini Laser Labels Removable Adhesive 80 per Sheet 35.6x16.9mm 2000 Labels FSC Code L4732REV-25
Perfect for any temporary marking!
Make labelling and removing labels easier
Ideal whenever: Changing the contents of your folders, files or boxes, creating temporary notes, instructions or labels for property
Adhere accurately but can be removed easily without leaving residue - suitable for most surfaces
For best printing results from your colour laser printer
Easy and quick to use with FREE Avery Wizard software for Microsoft Office
35.6x16.9mm White Ref L4732REV-25 [2000 Labels]

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