Aurelia Bold Powder Free Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves 100 x Black Medium

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Aurelia Bold "Powder Free" Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves 100 x Black, Size MEDIUM


The Aurelia Bold Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves are constructed using 5mil powder free nitrile, offering better tensile strength and protection compared to either latex or vinyl. A beaded cuff prevents liquid from entering the glove while the micro-texture finish ensures a secure grip at all times. The gloves are highly durable, ambidextrous and suitable for a range of industries.



Applications of the Aurelia Bold Nitrile Gloves


The Bold Medical Grade Gloves are suitable for a range of industries. These include the following:


    • Food Industry

    • Automotive

    • Industrial

    • Laboratory

    • Medical/Acute Care

  • Dentistry


Top Pick Care Gloves


Approved for food contact and medical use, the Aurelia Bold are ideal for a variety of single-use care applications, including nursing, dentistry and care home work. Their robust nitrile construction gives them excellent strength, making them suitable for handling a range of materials both within and outside the care industry.

Features of the Aurelia Bold Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves


    • Supplied in boxes of 100 gloves

    • Medical grade gloves offering comfort and flexibility

    • Stronger with greater protection than latex or vinyl

    • 5mil powder-free nitrile construction

    • Non-sterile design

    • Ambidextrous for easy movement on both hands

    • Designed to last for five years

    • Gloves are supplied in black for a sleek and practical appearance

    • Micro-textured for a secure grip

    • Long-lasting durable gloves

    • Beaded cuff for a secure fit

    • AQL 1.5 design

  • Latex free for less irritation


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