Moldex Disposable Ear Plugs "Spark Plugs" 200 Pair, {MOL7800}


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Moldex Disposable Ear Plugs "Spark Plugs" 200 Pair, {MOL7800} Individually Wrapped. 

Made of a comfortable PU foam, Moldex Disposable Ear Plugs fit the unique shape of your ear canal in order to protect against long-term exposure. Colourful and appealing, a pack contains 50 pairs and a box contains 200 pairs so your whole workplace will have hearing protection when they need it.

Easy to insert, you simply roll the Moldex Disposable Ear Plugs between your finger and thumb to compress them for insertion. Then reach above your head to pull your ear up gently up to allow you to slide the plug into the ear canal. Holding the plug in place for five seconds gives it plenty of time to expand and fill the ear.

Compliant to EN352-2, the Moldex Disposable Ear Plug has a 35dB SNR value which means using these correctly reduces sound levels by 35 decibels. This means noises of up to 114dB can be reduced to a safe level of between 70 and 80dB.

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