Zero-In TWIN PACK 500ml Flea Spray & 300ml Home Powder


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Zero-In TWIN PACK 500ml Flea Spray & 300ml Home Powder

HOME FLEA SPRAY - 500ML Home Flea Spray from Zero In kills fleas and larvae on contact. The product is ideal for treating the areas where cats and dogs live, including pet bedding, baskets, cushions and rugs. DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ON TO ANIMALS. Solvent- and odour-free treatment.

HOME FLEA POWDER - 300G Zero In Home Flea Powder kills fleas and is ideal for use around the home, particularly in places where pets are ever-present. The shake and vac formulation absorbs pet odours and is easily vacuumed away, leaving your home pleasantly fragranced and flea-free. Treats pet bedding, soft furnishings, rugs and carpet. Shake, then vac. Fresh fragrance.

Kills fleas and larvae in the home.

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