Tombow Advanced Lettering Set


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Tombow Advanced Lettering Set
  • Set contains all material needed for advanced handlettering.
  • Includes instruction guide with tips and tricks for blending colours, flourishing and embellishing letterings.
  • Content: 4 ABT Dual Brush Pens with flexible brush tip and fine bullet tip. Colours black (ABT-N15), sea blue (ABT-373), deep magenta (ABT-685) and cherry (ABT-815). One colourless blender pen (ABT-N00) for softening and blending ABT colours. One pencil MONO 100, degree of hardness 3H (MONO-100-3H). Calligraphy pen Fudenosuke in two versions, with hard (WS-BH) and soft (WS-BS) brush tip, colour black. One black permanent marker MONO twin with two tips (OS-TME33). One eraser MONO XS (PE-01A)

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