Miracle-Gro All Purpose Compost 20L


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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Compost 20L

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Growing Compost is a premium potting compost, enriched with Miracle-Gro Plant Food for better blooms and healthier plants. It contains a season-long feed and is enriched with 40% more nutrients than ordinary multi-purpose compost to grow plants twice as big.

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Growing Compost is a versatile potting compost for growing better blooms and bigger, healthier plants. This premium compost formula contains a special water retaining agent that makes watering container grown plants much easier and helps stop plants drying out. That’s why Miracle-Gro All Purpose Growing Compost is especially recommended for planting up patio pots, window boxes, containers and hanging baskets. It is also recommended for growing plants under glass in a greenhouse or conservatory.

Ideal for growing flowers, shrubs and vegetables in beds, borders, planters and hanging baskets.

This unique compost can also be used when planting up flower beds and borders where it is advised to mix 50:50 with garden soil in the planting hole. When repotting rootbound patio pots or houseplants choose a slightly larger container and fill around the existing root ball with Miracle-Gro All Purpose Growing Compost taken directly from the bag.

Plants will need feeding throughout the growing season to ensure they remain healthy, beautiful and produce better blooms. Three months after planting start using a liquid plant food for continued fantastic results.


Pack size: 20 litres

Best times to use to/from: January - December

40% more Nutrients than ordinary Multi-Purpose Compost

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