Lavazza Modo Mio Qualita Rossa Capsules 3 x 16's


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Lavazza Modo Mio Qualita Rossa Capsules 3 x 16's

16 single-serve coffee pods. From the blend of Brazilian Arabica and natural Robusta coffees, comes a fabulous rich, balanced and full-bodied espresso.

A coffee rich with flavour, ideal for getting a boost and starting each day afresh. The self-protected vacuum packed capsule preserves the aroma.

The blend is selected, roasted and ground to top barista standards.

The tamping level of the coffee is equal to that found at the best cafés including up to 7.5g of coffee in each capsule, the ideal amount for a perfect espresso. The slow extraction (25-30") maximises the flavours to bring you the real Italian coffee shop experience at home.
Medium Roast.

We have been committed to achieving excellence in the production of coffee since 1895. We can count on a solid experience, accumulated over four generations of passion for our work and care of our products. Our entire history has been marked by a series of innovations, beginning with concept of blend, invented by Lavazza at the turn of the 20th century. Today Lavazza is the symbol of Italian coffee throughout the world, one of the main expressions of our lifestyle and values of our country.

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