Genuine Konica Minolta A0DT-WY0 Waste Toner Bottle - (A0DTWY0)


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Built to keep your toner spills out of the way when printing, the Konica Minolta A0DTWY0 waste toner waste tank keeps prints neat and clean, preventing toner blotches from impacting the quality of your outputs. The Konica Minolta A0DTWY0 waste tank works to collect extra toner particles that may fall into the machine. Without a quality Konica A0DTWY0 waste toner collector, uncollected, extra toner may create a mess within your printer's mechanism, compromising the quality of your prints. The Konica Minolta A0DTWY0 waste toner waste tank is a catch bin that gets full over time. Your printer indicator will signal you when it's time to replace your Minolta A0DTWY0 waste tank

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