Envirolite Folded Cleaning Cloth Large (48x36cm) Pack 50, GREEN


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Colour Coded Cleaning Cloths 48cm x 36cm Reduce the risk of cross-contamination by segregating tasks with our Colour Coded Cleaning Cloths, in four colour variants. Use good-value, hygienic Envirolite Cleaning Cloths to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Use in food preparation and patient areas. Envirolite Folded Cleaning Cloth Large (48x36cm) Blue/Yellow/Red & Green (Pack 50) •Lightweight Semi-Disposable Cleaning Cloths •A semi-disposable general purpose cleaning cloth with very good wet and dry strength. •Available in a choice of 5 colours to assist in reducing the risk of cross contamination. •Quarter-folded cloths, supplied polythene wrapped in 50's. •Available in 4 colours. Different colour availble for task-segregation for quicker and more efficient wiping. These cloths meet food contact legislation. USED FOR AND BY :- Kitchen tasks, cleaning tables and counters Cleaning down equipment and food preparation tools, wiping away oil and fats.Rinse and reuse, lowering cost in use Industrial-scale food processing tasksUltra-absorbent and tear resistant for deep cleaning, changeovers and conveyor cleaning Reducing the risk of cross contamination. Coloured cloths for each area/task, reducing germs spreading between washrooms, clinical and patient areas CHSA quality standard approved rolls are guaranteed for length and paper grammage.

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