Daz 3 in 1 Pods 12 Washes


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  • Cleans deeper than a laundry guy in a submarine.

  • Triple action: cleaning, lifting dirt and brightening action in one.

  • Compact: easy to store and carry!

  • Reliable: easy dosing!

  • Wow you're reading this far, you must love Daz as much as we do.

  • No audition needed, cleans brilliantly first time.

Here's the situation. You've got dirty clothes; you want them to be clean. Well you've come to the right place, we've been doing this for 60 years so it's safe to say we know our onions when it comes to cleaning your clothes. Don't make fun of how small the Daz 3in1 pods are, they will kick off the dirt as hard as the other Daz products. But they're taking up less space. Pow! Daz Go Pods Washing Capsules Regular for 6 x 12 washes is your best friend for any dirty job.

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