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With Cif Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes, you can clean and disinfect in one wipe, and because they're tough on dirt & scum and cut through grease, they're great for everything from sinks to stainless steel, cookers to bins, toilets to tables and plenty more in-between.

Cif Power & Shine Wipes are a convenient solution to clean all the visible and invisible dirt all around your home.

The wet surface wipes clean away all kinds of dirt, leaving a beautiful shine and gorgeous fragrance behind. Cif Wipes are specially designed with a strong honeycomb weave to soften, detach and lift dirt quickly on virtually all surfaces around your home. At Cif, we believe that a sparkling clean home is a joy to live in.

We believe in revealing and protecting beauty on all your home surfaces for everyone to enjoy, every day.

That’s why for over 50 years, Cif has developed a range of innovative cleaning products that remove ugly dirt, without damage—providing you with beautiful results. For a sparkly home, why not try Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray to cut through tough grease with orange and tangerine oils, Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Spray to quickly lift away 100% of soap scum & limescale or Cif Power & Shine Anti-Bacterial Spray to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, germs and flu viruses for a hygienic home. Visit our website for cleaning guides and home beautification tips.

We do everything we can to help you achieve your own beautiful ending. How to use: 1) Break the seal and open by peeling off the sticker halfway. 2) Wipe surfaces to remove dirt. No need to rinse or wipe away. 3) Make sure the pack is resealed after use to avoid wipes drying out. Do not flush down the toilet. Do not use for any purpose other than that for which the product is intended including personal hygiene. Don't apply to marble and painted wood.

For delicate surfaces, first try on an inconspicuous area. For more hints and tips for all your home cleaning needs, visit our website. *Eliminates bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria and flu viruses (H1N1). Cif Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Wipes eliminate 99.9% of bacteria*. Our wipes eliminate bacteria like Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria and flu viruses*. Cif Power & Shine Antibacterial Wipes clean and disinfect in one wipe. Our multi-purpose wipes are suitable for cleaning the sink, cooker, shower, fridge, toilet, bins and table. Cif antibacterial wipes lift dirt quickly on virtually all surfaces around your home. Cif cleaning wipes are tough on dirt & scum with the fragrance of fresh flowers. Cif.

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