Brabantia Bin Liners White X 12 Litre Pack 20's

Bag Quantity: 20 Bags

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Brabantia Bin Liners White X 12 Litre Pack 20's

From just £1.71 Per 20 with 5% Discount.

    • Brabantia bin liners are precisely tailored to fit your Brabantia waste bin

    • Just pull the sealing tape and the bin liner will be removed and sealed, just like that

    • Check the colour code on the inside of the lid of your waste bin and you'll know what size you need

    • Easy to insert neatly and remove quickly The unique colour coding enables you to find the right bin liner A perfect fit for your Brabantia waste bin - no ugly overwrap

    • Provided with special ventilation holes which makes it easier to insert the waste bag Made of extra-strong quality plastic (HDPE)

    • Capacity 12 litres

    • Height 49.0 cm

    • Width 35.5 cm

    • Depth 0.1 cm

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