Stardrops Leather Cleaner & Feed 750ml {3 Pack}


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Stardrops Leather Cleaner & Feed 3 x 750ml 

Stardrops Leather Cleaner & Feed 750ml The Stardrops Leather Cleaner is designed to penetrate dirt and grime for easy cleaning on leather surfaces such as sofas, chairs and cushions. Whilst it cleans dirt and stains from the material, the leather clean & feed also nourishes the leather, offering protection from cracking and prevents the leather from drying out.

The Stardrops Leather Cleaner is ideal for those who want to clean and care for their leather sofas, chairs and any other leather based furnishings in and around the home. Removing stains and dirt from leather is simple with the leather clean and feed. Simply spray the Stardrops Leather Cleaner onto the surface and rub with a cloth to rid your furniture from dirt and grime whilst protecting the leather from dryness and cracking. Directions for use:

Turn the nozzle to the ‘on’ position. Spray a small amount onto a clean, dry cloth, and gently work the product into the affected areas of leather. Wipe off immediately with a separate clean, dry cloth. After use, return nozzle to the ‘off’ position.

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