AF Smart Wipes (Pack 10)


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AF Smart Wipes (Pack 10)

AF Smartwipe Super Strong Smart Wipes (Pack of 10 Wipes)

This super strong and washable wipe is the ideal solution for cleaning all forms of smart technology in your home or office environment. Effectively removes common grease, dust and fingerprints built up on screen surfaces. Available in a box of individually packed wipes this a long lasting product for multiple use. Gives excellent non-smear cleaning results on all screens and glasses to leave a sparkling finish. Euro hook packaging ideal for retail.


    • Washable

    • Super strong and absorbent

    • Individually packed and long lasting for multiple use

    • Suitable for glasses and screens

    • Suitable For: Smartphones, Tablets, Plasma, E-readers, Monitors, Glasses, Laptops, Mirrors and more

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