Persil Pro-Formula Bio Powder 6.3kg

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Persil Pro-Formula Bio Powder 6.3kg

Improved Persil biological washing powder cleans tough stains even in a quick wash.

Pro Formula provides a full range of professionally formulated cleaning products, paired with trusted Unilever brands. The range is ready to use and developed specifically for your restaurant, B&B or care home needs to give you peace of mind and excellent results the first time.

Product features

    • Dimensions 410(H) x 291(W) x 123(D)mm
    • Hard-working cleaning enzymes, bleach and brightening agents combine to give you dazzling results
    • Wash booster technology to help remove tough stains such as mud, grass and chocolate ice cream
    • Ideal for use on a quick wash with a cool programme
    • Suitable for both whites and colours
    • 50+ Contact our office for bulk deals.

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