Bentley Brushware.Bulldozer Heavy Duty Dustpan & Brush Set

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Charles Bentley Bulldozer Heavy Duty Dustpan and Brush Sets, Heavy Duty Sweeping Brush. | Floor Brush | Broom and Dustpan Set | Cleaning Supplies | Outdoor Brush | Sweeping Brush Outdoor


  • Hand brush filled with stiff and soft PVC flagged bristles to brush up varying degrees of debris. Integrated rubber lip moulds to the floor surface to aid in the collection of finer particles.
  • Serrated edges help clean dust and dirt from the hand brush making sweeping quicker and easier. The sweeping brush can be used both indoor or outdoor making this a part of your new home essentials collection
  • The Heavy Duty Pan has deep sides to ensure you can collect the maximum amount of debris in one go making the job of garden tidying quicker giving you more time to relax
  • The Bulldozer dust pan and brush set are strong enough to be used on construction sites and by the trade but is light enough to be used by anyone. Highly visible within the garden for ease of access.
  • Easy Storage Garden Brush and Pan Set – No need to worry about the storage! The brush can easily be attached into the dustpan’s handle, and both have hanging eyes to save space when not in use.

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